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FANTASTiC | May 07 2016 | 7.67 GB

A virtual toolbox of original and useful sounds, textures, and cinematic effects

CYBORG, a hybrid cinematic VI For Kontakt 5.5 and above. Human + machine organic + synthesized = CYBORG. CYBORG is a hybrid Virtual Instrument that combines organic sound sources and live instruments with cutting edge synth effects and sound design techniques. The sound of CYBORG is part-human and part-machine. Some sounds are rough and imperfect – others, carefully programmed and precise. CYBORG’s sonic palette ranges from harsh and aggressive to suspenseful, mysterious, and at times, hauntingly beautiful. CYBORG provides composers with a unique collection of polyphonic and looped instruments that is ideally suited for use in modern cinematic drama, suspense, action, and sci-fi soundtracks, trailers, and games – a virtual toolbox of original and useful sounds, textures, and cinematic effects.


  1. Drones & Atmospheres
  2. Drums & Percussion
  3. Guitars & Basses
  4. Keyboards
  5. Cinematic FX
  6. Multi-Layered Instruments

8.4 GB of uncompressed wav data
Over 300 Instrument patches

CYBORG’s Graphical User Interface (GUI) is easy to use, and provides all the controls needed to tweak, mangle, and distort sounds to your heart’s content:

DISTORTION = adds amp-simulated edge and distortion
LO-FI = reduces bit rate and adds lo-fi noise
LIMITER = boosts level
REVERB = controls the amount of reverb
Drop-Down Menu #1 = provides a selection of 10 high-quality convolution reverbs
BASS = a bipolar control that can be used to increase or decrease the amount of bass
TREBLE = a bipolar control that can be used to increase or decrease the amount of treble
RETURN = controls the number of Delays (see below)
F/BACK (Feedback) = controls the loudness of the delays
Drop-Down Menu #2 = provides a selection of different tempo-synched delays and delay-effects
ADSR = separate knobs for Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release
FILTERS = this section includes controls for Cutoff (CUT) and Resonance (REZ), plus a drop-down menu with a selection of different filter types

– 147 Instrument Patches
– 144 Multi Patches

Complete Patch List
The instruments in CYBORG are organized into five main Style Folders, which contain the following instrument patches:

Drones & Atmospheres:
– Alien Interference
– Alien Transmission
– Android Choir
– Atonal Drones & Atmospheres
– Bowed Metal Drone
– Breathing Drone
– Contemplate
– Crescendo Drone
– Dazed & Confused
– Deep Space Drone
– Drama Drone
– Drowned Colossus Drone
– Eerie Atmosphere
– Evolution Drone
– Expanding Man Drone
– Fractured Drone
– Freaky Rez Drone
– Gentle Giant
– Ice Planet Drone
– Instant Soundtrack Pad
– Ion Storm Drone
– Low-High Drone
– Mr Softy Pad
– Muffled Alarm Drone
– Mutant Orchestra Drone
– Mysterious Atmosphere
– Neutral Ground
– Overdrone
– Premonition Drone
– Revenant Drone
– Rezo-Nation Pad
– Sedated Atmosphere
– Sputnik 2 Fly-By
– Stutering Static Drone
– Throbbing Spectre Drone
– Undercurrent Drone
– Undersea Orchestra Drone
– Undertow Drone
– Unsettling Pad
– Upright Drone Pad

Drums & Percussion:
– Action Trailer Drums
– Aggressive Electro Kit 01
– Aggressive Electro Kit 02
– Atonal Metals
– Clean Electro Kit
– Cyborg Industrial Glitch Kit
– Cyborg Industrial Rhythm Loops
– Cyborg Machine Kit
– Cyborg Rhythm Loops
– Deep Electro Kit 01
– Deep Electro Kit 02
– Digital Electro Kit
– Distorted Drum Loops
– Distorted Kick Drums
– Electro-Organic Drum Loops
– Heavy Drum Ensemble
– Hybrid Drum Loops 01
– Hybrid Drum Loops 02
– Hybrid Drums
– Hybrid Electro Kit 01
– Hybrid Electro Kit 02
– Hybrid Percussion
– Octoborg
– Orter Ortcele Kit
– Retro Electro Kit
– Robot Piano Percussion
– Tribal Tech Loops

Guitars & Basses:
– Chainsaw Bass
– Cyborg Guitar Loop 01
– Cyborg Guitar Loop 02
– Cyborg Guitar Loop 03
– Cyborg Guitar Loop 04
– Cyborg Guitar Loop 05
– Cyborg Guitar Loop 06
– Cyborg Guitar Loop 07
– Cyborg Guitar Loop 08
– Cyborg Guitar Loop 09
– Cyborg Guitar Loop 10
– Cyborg Guitar Loop 11
– Cyborg Guitar Loop 12
– Cyborg Guitar Loop 13
– Cyborg Guitar Loop 14
– Cyborg Guitar Loop 15
– Evolving Bass
– Gothic Bass
– Guitar Feedback Glitch Hits
– Lowdown Electric Bass
– Overtone Bass
– Plucking Bass
– Sub-Liminal Bass
– Subterranean Bass Loop
– Terminator Bass
– Under Bridge Bass
– Upright Bass Drone
– Warped Upright Bass
– Wicked-Ass Bass

Keyboards & Misc:
– All-Purpose Arp 01
– All-Purpose Arp 02
– Atmospheric Swell
– Basic Arp 01
– Basic Arp 02
– Changeling Arp
– Colonel Bleep Arp
– Convoluted Arp
– Cutter Arp
– Dark Piano Loops 120 BPM C
– Dark Piano
– Eigth Note Arp 01
– Focused Arp
– Fuzzy Logic
– Happy Arp
– Harsh Lead
– Hybrid Piano-Synth
– More Caffeine Arp
– Mr Robot Arp
– Mystery Guest
– Piano Effects 01
– Piano Effects 02
– Piano Effects 03
– Pitch-Shifted Vibes
– Pluck Me Piano
– Pulse Arp
– Ripper Lead
– Runner Arp
– Screechy Lead
– Slammer
– Soft Machine
– Synthbass Arp
– Three vs Four Arp
– Throbbing Arp
– Time Arp
– Twangy Arp
– Twinge

Cinematic FX:
– Big Complex Hits
– Complex Hits & Impacts
– Cyborg Glitch Kit
– Deep Hits
– Distorted Risers
– Distortion Guitar FX 02
– Distorton Guitar FX 01
– Drone Riser
– Hybrid Impacts
– Incoming Riser
– Long Risers
– Screaming Riser
– Sweet Then Scary Riser
– Synth Glitch Kit


Cartoon Locomotion Bloopers WAV MP3, wav mp3 samples audio, WAV, NiNTENDO, Mp3, MAGNETRiXX, Locomotion, E.A Sports, Disney, Cartoon, Bloopers

Cartoon Locomotion Bloopers WAV MP3

TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 22 July 2013 | 121 MB

Cartoon Locomotion Bloopers is the first Construction Kit pack in this new series major placements with Disney, E.A Sports, and Nintendo. Many of these incredible Kits are inspired by video games, Looney Tunes and many other cartoons you have heard in the past. These loops have not been sampled or copied, they are very creative and customised for anyone that is interested in creating cartoon or video game music.

Sounds are tempo and key-labelled and ready to use in Sony ACID Pro, Logic, Reason, Pro Tools, Cubase, and more.

Best of all, these Construction Kits are Royalty-Free, meaning you can use them in personal or commercial compositions at no extra cost.


  • 24-Bit WAV & MP3
  • Every instrument is played with quality and innovation
  • 5 Multi-tracked Customised Cartoon & Video Game Construction Kits

Cartoon Locomotion Bloopers WAV MP3

Art Of War WAV, wav samples audio, WAV, War, Hip Hop, Fantastic, Asian flair, Art Of War, Art, Afro Samurai

Art Of War WAV

FANTASTiC | Nov 29 2016 | 858 MB

Art Of War’ includes tracks inspired by the sounds of old Asian records, as well as the TV series Afro Samurai. This makes it perfect sampling material for Hip Hop producers looking for that Asian flair…

• 24-Bit WAV
• MP3 Format
• 1.33 GB of Content
• 100% Royalty-Free
• 10 Full Instrumental Tracks
• Separated Tracks (for mixing)

Art Of War WAV

Kosmos Infekted Collection KONTAKT MAGNETRiXX, kontakt samples audio, MAGNETRiXX, Kosmos, Kontakt, Infekted, Collection

Kosmos Infekted Collection KONTAKT

TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 04 November 2014 | 1.62 GB

Infekted combines the previously released Starburst with another 3 collections of sounds designed with a virus TI. This is a stunning collection bringing 542 Multi-Sampled Instruments to Kontakt. To get the most out of Kosmos Infekted you should have the full version of Kontakt 5.3, although there is support for Kontakt 4 with a few features missing. The Kosmos scripts for Kontakt are currently made up of 2 types of instrument:

Kosmos Full
The Kosmos ‘Full’ script emulates a classic 2 Oscillator Synthesizer where the Waveforms are comprised of all the samples in the Release. The synth has 2 Layers each with a selection of 6 filters, 3 LFOs assignable to Filter, Pitch and Volume of each synth layer. The effects section has Tempo Synced Delay, Reverb and a Modulator which is selectable between Flanger, Phaser and Chorus. There are 3 envelopes, one for the Amp of each layer and the third for the Filter Cutoff. Aftertouch and the Modulation Wheel can be assigned to various parameters. There is a sophisticated Randomize system at the local section and the global level with an adjustable amount. The Kosmos Full scripts are great for creating complex unique pads/sounds on the fly with ease.

Kosmos Single
The ‘Single’ script is a trimmed down version of the Full Kosmos script tailored to work with a single sampled Instrument. In comparison to the Full script, these instruments are loaded into RAM (as opposed to using DFD) which enables the addition of a Sample Start Offset Knob. The star of the show however is the Advanced Sequencer which has 8 individual ‘instances’ which can be switched on the fly via a set of midi note triggers. Each of these instances has 7 sequencers, one dedicated to pitch, one dedicated to Velocity, and the other 5 are freely assignable to a large array of destinations such as Note Length, Sample Start, Cutoff, Resonance etc… All sequences are synced to the Pitch Sequencer tempo by default but they can also have an independent tempo setting and they all have their own step size. Each of the 8 instances can also have different Destinations selected which really opens up creative freedom.

There is also a series of real-time triggers for manipulation tempo and Pitch on the fly which truly makes Kosmos a creative improvisation tool when added to the ability to switch Instances on the fly. The octave where the triggers reside can also be set whichever Octave you prefer.

Finally there is also a Scale Remapper which allows retuning sequences based on the root note that triggered them, so for example C key can be forced to C Minor whereas the D sequences can be forced to D major. This is a great way of breaking away from the traditional transposed sequenced sound when required.

These videos should give a very good idea of some of the possibilities Kosmos/Infekted offers:

Kosmos Sequencer v2

Kosmos Full

Kosmos Infekted Collection KONTAKT-MAGNETRiXX

The Performachord KONTAKT, kontakt samples audio, Performa, Organ, Kontakt, Chord, AUDIOSTRiKE, Accordion

The Performachord KONTAKT

AUDiOSTRiKE | 16/06/2015 | 838 MB

“The Performachord” is a reed based instrument thats somewhat of a cross between an accordion, and an organ. It is also commonly known as a “Chord Organ”, among a couple other names. The left hand is played by “push down” buttons offering different voiceing’s including: Roots, Major, Minor, & Seventh. Although this may seem basic to some, with a little creativity, and a decent grasp of theory, one can actually create numerous chord voicings using a combination of these buttons alone.

On the right hand, it has a keyboard to allow for melodies to be played in conjunction with the chords, or simply to be used for solo melody purposes. The character of its sound is unmistakeable, and easily fits well into the common “accordion based sound” that composers turn to day after day for TV/film work. However, it is far from from a one trick pony, and can easily be used in modern EDM/House music for either chord or melody.

We were able to get our hands on one of these great sounding instruments and went to town! The level of sampling and realism that we were striving for was basically such that one would not be able to differentiate between a recording of the actual instrument vs playing the instrument patch. The result, is what we believe to be the most accurately & deeply sampled perforachord on the market today.

One of the defining characteristics of a performachord would easily be the sound of the buttons being pushed in and released as different chords are played. We were able to capture this in incredible detail, offering 6 round robins per button (for attack & release) to avoid the dreaded “machine gun affect” so commonly heard in sample libraries. The result is something with incredible realism and character for the purists out there. But don’t worry, the button noise is 100% adjustable from 0 to +12 db. The keys offer the same realism of attack & release sounds (fully adjustable) with 4 round robins.

Lastly was the obstacle of the fan noise, Through very careful processing with some top notch tools, we were able to remove this noise without any artifacts, offering a completly clean sample pool free of the fan noise. But, then again, it wouldn’t be realistic unless the option to introduce that fan noise was available! Which of course it is, from 0 to +12db. Complete with on/off switch and the natural wind up/wind down ;)

The buttons (Left Hand Patch) provides 6 round robins, (sustain samples, & attack & release samples), while the keys (Right Hand Patch) offers 4 round robins, (sustain samples, & attack & release samples) for a total of 706 samples all recorded in true stereo at 24bit 48khz resolution.

• A deeply sampled Performachord instrument
• Runs in Kontakt 5.3+
• Custom Impulse Response
• Full control over Reverb
• Full control of Keys & btutton noise
• Full control over “fan” noise
• Organic sound
• Over 700 samples in a 1.12 GB Download
• Check out the sound cloud links and demo video to hear it first hand.

The Performachord KONTAKT

Monopolyphonix KONTAKT, kontakt samples audio, SYNTHiC4TE, POLY, phonix, Mono, Kontakt

Monopolyphonix KONTAKT

Team SYNTHiC4TE | June 08 2014 | 205.5 MB

Monopolyphonix was in many ways a celebration of another successful resurrection of an old classic saved from the grave. Much like the Minimoog, ARP Omni-2 and Novachord left their sonic fingerprints on S-VX and The Orbitone Collection, a recently restored Farfisa Syntorchestra manufactured in 1974, gave its all to the creation of Monopolyphonix… Why the name? Well the Syntorchestra comes from a strange era quite early on in the history of affordable portable synthesizers where manufacturers were quite experimental and tended to do their own thing. This was especially the case with early polyphonics. The net result is that weird and wacky user interfaces and synth architectures were quite the norm in those days!

What makes the Syntorchestra quite unusual is that it features a complete polyphonic divide down section running in complete isolation in parallel with a basic monosynth each of which capable of producing similar timbres. This is quite unlike the paraphonic synth sections of the ARP Omni for example. The result is a rather odd combination of the perfect pitch characteristics of a polyphonic divide down synth beating, phasing and interacting with the far from perfect pitch tracking of a monophonic synth. With some careful front panel tweaking the two sections can be brought together to produce a surprisingly big sound. It also boasts one of the warmest analog synth pianos I think I’ve ever heard. It’s a very basic sound but really quite beautiful through reverb. The monophonic section can produce an array of chime, twang and almost Theremin type timbres too.

All sample material captured from a recently restored 1974 Farfisa Syntorchestra. Analog Chorus Unit, RME Fireface.


  • •165 generously long 24-bit samples
  • •16 multi-sampled voices/partials
  • •4-Voice Layering Engine with ability to save
  • •34 editable example instrument patches
  • •12 example layered multi patches
  • •User Manual

System Requirements

  • •Requires Kontakt version 4.2.4 or higher

Monopolyphonix KONTAKT

Alesis Andromeda A6 MULTiFORMAT, wav sxt presets patches kontakt fxp exs24 samples audio, MULTiFORMAT, Intrinsic, Andromeda, Alesis, A6

Alesis Andromeda A6 MULTiFORMAT

Intrinsic | 12-03-2015 | 14.5 GB

(.NKI, .EXS, . FXP, .WAV, .SXT)

The Andromeda A6 is a true analog synthesizer using two analog oscillators per voice, sub-oscillators, hard and soft sync and more! It features 16-voice polyphony. With the Andromeda, you’ll find a huge range of tonal possibilities: searing leads, warm pads, fat bass lines, extreme sound effects and more. And of course there are plenty of knobs (72) and buttons (144), even an assignable ribbon controller for addictive hands-on real-time control! The large high-resolution LCD display is excellent and shows you actual rather than relative values of parameters. Andromeda will integrate seamlessly into any studio with its total MIDI control and sync, individual voice outputs, stereo outputs and several audio inputs.

Alesis Andromeda A6 MULTiFORMAT

The Gentleman KONTAKT HAPPY NEW YEAR HORiZON, kontakt samples audio, The Gentleman, NEW YEAR, Kontakt, Horizon, HAPPY NEW YEAR, HAPPY, Gentleman

The Gentleman KONTAKT

HORiZON | December 31, 2014 | 3.31 GB

HORiZON is here to class up your New Year and so we are proud to deliver The Gentleman bringing the Definitive Piano Collection to a close. Komplete is officially now…complete. We would like to wish you all a very happy New Year and we hope the coming year will usher in a new era of abundance, happiness, creativity and inspiration for you all. We promise it’s going to be a year that will be remembered and spoken of for a long time to come.

Expressive, beautifully-modulated tone
State-of-the-art sample quality for rich, dynamic performance
Sampled from a vintage upright built in 1908

A classic upright piano that delivers balanced tone, a wide dynamic range, and a beautiful, lush sound. Your new standard vintage upright.

The Gentleman is a sampled instrument based on an upright piano from 1908. This piano has survived with all the original parts intact, and you can hear this turn-of-the-century character in the recordings. With a sound both delicate and expressive, The Gentleman is the only upright you’ll ever need.

The Gentleman’s extensive tweaking options make it perfect for all contemporary productions. Control levels of pedals, damper, string, and hammer sounds. Adjust timbre with the Color knob. Turn the Dynamic knob to change the dynamic range. The Lid control adjusts brightness. And built-in effects let you fine-tune the sound without ever leaving the interface.

The Gentleman boasts 2,300 individual samples and 16 velocity zones allow each note to come through with stunning realism. As with all the Definitive Pianos, separate overtone and resonance samples let the piano’s natural vibrations sing. Even key releases were sampled in nine velocity layers.

These pristine instruments were created in partnership with sonic artisan Uli Baronowsky of Galaxy Instruments. Galaxy Instruments are also responsible for the highly acclaimed NI instruments Rise & Hit and The Giant.


EDM Melodic Vocals Vol.2 WAV MiDi DiSCOVER, midi patterns samples audio, WAV, Vocals, MIDI, Melodic, EDM, DISCOVER, 128 BPM

EDM Melodic Vocals Vol.2 WAV MiDi

DiSCOVER | 27 JANUARY 2015 | 317MB

‘EDM Melodic Vocals 2’ Once again this pack brings you top quality EDM arrangements and top-notch vocals. With this pack all your song elements are already there waiting for you to structure them to your taste. These arrangements were inspired by Hardwell, Alesso, Tiesto, Avicii and David Guetta. Each of these Construction Kits is filled with up-to-date sounds inspired by the top producers. These arrangements were inspired by Hardwell, Alesso, Tiesto, Avicii and others. You’ll find five Construction Kits of 24-Bit WAV loops and MIDI files, all Royalty-Free.

• 5 Construction Kits at 128 BPM
• Over 440 MB of content
• 100% Royalty-Free
• MIDI included
• 24-Bit WAV loops


EDM Melodic Vocals Vol.2 WAV MiDi-DISCOVER

House Melodic Vocals 2 WAV MiDi FANTASTiC, wav midi patterns samples audio, WAV, Vocals, MIDI, Melodic Vocals, Melodic, House Melodic, House, Fantastic, 128 BPM

House Melodic Vocals 2 WAV MiDi

FANTASTiC | 05 January 2016 | 227 MB

‘House Melodic Vocals 2′ is the highly awaited follow up of this top best house pack. Containing top quality arrangements and top notch vocals. Each of these construction kits is filled with up to date sounds inspired by the top producers in house and electro. With this pack, all your song elements are already there waiting for you to structure them to your taste. These arrangements were inspired by David Guetta, Alesso, Tiesto, Avicii and others.

1- 5 construction kits at 128Bpm
2- Midi Files
3- 24 bit WAV files
4- Vocals and Instruments are all tempo and key labeled
5- Over 395 MB of content
6- 100% Royalty Free

House Melodic Vocals 2 WAV MiDi-FANTASTiC


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