Room Tones Sound Library Bundle WAV, wav presets patches ir impulse response samples audio, WAV, Tones, Sound Library, Sound, Room, Library, Bundle

Room Tones Sound Library Bundle WAV

FANTASTiC | Oct 16 2017 | 60.6 GB

Charge your server with more than 135 Room Tones from the Room Tones Library, 46 Industrial Room Tones and the IR1 Impulse Response Set for Altiverb and Avid Space. Because: Room Tones are everywhere. They are right here, wenn your read this site, they are behind you, they surround you – always and everywhere! Load them now on your server and use them in your project. The Room Tones Bundle contains a wide variety of room tones, they are humming, buzzing or just give a character or an impression of a room. Define size, style or a mood with the Avosound Room Tones Sound Library.

Room Tones Bundle
•135 Room Tones Sound Effects And Atmospheres in Stereo, 5.1 Surround Sound And 13 Tracks in 11.1 3D Sound Format
•46 Industrial Room Tones Sound Effects from the Industrial Soundscapes 5.1 Surround Sound Library
•IR1 Impulse Response Set including 54 Impulse Response Set for multichannel 5.1 and 11.1 3D Sound
•High Definition 24 Bit / 96 kHz

Room Tones Sound Library
Room tones are everywhere! Get access to more than 135 Room Tones from the Room Tones Sound Library. Create rooms and spaces from stereo, 5.1 surround sound up to the 3D sound formats like Dolby Atmos or Auro-3D®. Read more about the Room Tones Sound Library

Industrial Room Tones
Extend your room tones collection with the room tones form the massive Industrial Soundscapes Library. They are packed in the Industrial Room Tones Library and contain 46 industrial room tones.

IR1 Impulse Response Set
Create true surround and 3D sound for Dolby Atmos or Auro-3D® 11.1 with the multi-channel impulse responses – compatible to Altiverb and TL Space. Using the IR1 Impulse Response Set, you have over 54 sets with impulse responses, including 42 for Auro-3D® 11.1 or Dolby Atmos sound.

Room Tones Sound Library Bundle WAV

Lofi Melodics 4 WAV, wav samples audio, WAV, Melodics, LoFi, Fantastic

Lofi Melodics 4 WAV

FANTASTiC | Oct 14 2017 | 95 MB

Never one to disappoint, Lofi Melodics 4 delivers from the same great pedigree as it’s predecessors. Colorful lofi texture and character blanket these original compositions by us. Per usual, these are here for you to chop, flip, and mangle until new inspiration is had! These compositional works are built with our vintage analog synth collections, classic recording chain techniques, and of course our super lofi processing techniques (cassette, SP404, etc).

Kit features:
•40 original compositional loops in 16bit .wav format
•Lo-Fi texture provided by resampling process of cassettes, the SP404, and secret sauce techniques
•Compositions include vintage analog synths (Roland, Moog, Sequential Circuits), Vocals, classic pre-amps & more
•Loops labeled with BPM and Key for easy project management
•Mixed with plenty of headroom (-3db on avg). Just add beats!
•Compatible with DAWs, samplers, and iOS devices that accept .wav format

Lofi Melodics 4 WAV

Lofi Melodics 5 WAV, wav samples audio, WAV, Melodics, LoFi, Fantastic

Lofi Melodics 5 WAV

FANTASTiC | Oct 14 2017 | 92 MB

Back per request, per usual, Lofi Melodics 5 arrives cut from the same creative cloth as it’s siblings from the MSXII Sound Design crew! New textures, new character, and great compositions to get the creative juices going! Using something like Serato sample, you’ll find the chops, sections to flip, reverse, mangle, and manipulate with ease. Built with our super lofi processing techniques (cassette, SP404, VHS, Analog Heat, etc), these never disappoint. These are incredible! Once again, if you haven’t heard, these are the most FIRE & in demand samples & compositions.

Kit features:
•40 original compositional loops in 16bit .wav format
•Originally played, sampled, then resampled again with our lofi mixing & texturizing techniques. Creating the unique blend of character so sought after.
•Loops labeled with BPM and Key for easy project management
•Mixed with plenty of headroom (-3db on avg). Just bring the creativity & rhythm sections
•Compatible with DAWs, samplers, and iOS devices that accept .wav format

Lofi Melodics 5 WAV

Hazy Nights In The Heights WAV, wav samples audio, WAV, Nights, Heights, Hazy, Fantastic

Hazy Nights In The Heights WAV

FANTASTiC | Oct 14 2017 | 399 MB

Hazy Nights In The Heights. Fresh off producing for A$AP Ferg’s ‘Still Striving’ mixtape, laced us with 15 original Dark Latin Jazz infused with New Age Soul samples. These gems are ready to chop, flip, loop, and use in your beats. A producers goldmine, worth its weight in gold!

•Ken Smith bass
•Telecaster electric guitar
•Acoustic Guitar
•Live Drums / Latin Percussions
•Fender Rhodes Seventy Three
•Roland Jupiter 6 synthesizer
•Oberheim synthesizer

Hazy Nights In The Heights WAV

Lo Fly Drums 3 WAV, wav samples audio, WAV, Lo Fly, Fantastic, Drums

Lo-Fly Drums 3 WAV

FANTASTiC | Oct 14 2017 | 8 MB

Lo-Fly Drums Vol.3 pulls up as a quick favorite of your most trusted sound design team’s arsenal! Once again, deeply rooted in aesthetic the of the lofi culture, yet carefully sauced up by that Audio treatment. We aim to make you “feel” these drums. The lifeblood of your music production.  Per usual, we’ve created these to match the textures of our Lofi Melodics compositional series. Meaning, if you’ve picked those up, these are drums that match and work well frequency & character wise! Because we design, conceptually with each kit, we’re biased in saying that you can never have too many drums! How can you when there is so much music to explore? We’ve got you covered on both…drums and compositions. Rock with, the upper echelon in sound design.

Kit Features:
•52 brand new, original drum one-shots in 16 bit .wav format
•Inspired by the vast lofi hiphop subculture of music production
•Dipped in secret sauce texture chains. The sound you’ve come to love.
•Mixed carefully to cut through the mix with headroom to continue to blend with the rest of your work
•Always pairs nicely with our Lofi Melodics compositional series
•Easy file management with labeled folders of Kicks, Snares, Hats, Percussion etc.
•Compatible with all DAWS, samplers, & iOS apps

Lo-Fly Drums 3 WAV

Rare World Street Instruments Vol.1 and Vol.2 WAV, wav samples audio, WORLD, WAV, Street, RARE, Instruments, Fantastic

Rare World Street Instruments 1 & 2 WAV

FANTASTiC | Oct 14 2017 | Vol.1: 333.7 MB | Vol.2: 446 MB

Rare World Street Instruments (Volumes1 & 2) are a collection of rare instruments from Brazil, Cuba, Africa, Jamaica, Persia, and India, just to name a few. Sound designer and world percussionist traveled to each of these cultures to study, record, and obtain these insanely rare sampled instruments.  In these sample packs you’ll find one shots, Loops, textures, and fills of instruments and sounds from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro to Ghana West Africa to the streets of Mumbai, India and far beyond.

Kit Details: 

  • Fat Packs! over 400 sounds (one shots, loops, textures, fills, ect.) in each pack!
  • Never before sampled instruments like “mini bata” from Havana, Cuba or “water” calabash from Ghana.
  • 1.3GB of Samples total (Vol. 1 – 646MB & Vol. 2 – 747MB)

Rare World Street Instruments Vol.1 and Vol.2 WAV

Schlump Loops 3 WAV, wav samples audio, WAV, Schlump, Loops, Fantastic

Schlump Loops 3 WAV

FANTASTiC | Oct 14 2017 | 104 MB

Oh man, Schlump Loops 3 is here! New drums & loops from the Schlump with a very special edition…processed with Heat. Analog Heat! We’ve taken this new format of drums and obtainable one-shots within loops and made it bigger and better. These loops SCHLAP.  Using the loops as-is is ok…the beauty in the Schlump Loops series is finding the uniquely characterized one-shots. These stand out from the pack as they were each catered for a specific sound, tone, and texutre. Your favorite chopping program such as Serato Sample will make this process mad easy for you. Cop Schlump Loops 3 and the rest of the series if you already have not.

Kit Features:
•40 x 2 for a total of 80 original, uniquely textured SCHLUMP LOOPS in 16 bit .wav format
•In 2 folders of Dry & Heated…the heated folder being processed by Analog Heat character outboard processor. These are GREAT!
•Numerous tempos, tons of textures, vibes, character, and originality
•Mixed ready to go. Levels set under 0 Db to allow for max idea building, minimum gain staging
•Chop new one-shots, find new grooves, build more distinct loops by mix & matching
•Not for resale, repurposing, sharing or pirating
•Compatible with all DAWs, samplers, and iOS apps that accept .wav files

Schlump Loops 3 WAV

Rec Mode Vol.2 WAV, wav samples audio, WAV, REC, Mode, Fantastic

Rec Mode Vol.2 WAV

FANTASTiC | Oct 14 2017 | 590 MB

‘Rec Mode – Volume 2’ the second in our series of beats + sounds compilations for producers, beatcreators and composers.  This second volume is stacked with original breakbeats played by drummer Salle de Jonge (LeslieNielsen, Sabrina Starke). De Jonge used different drumkits, a whole arsenal of mics and various pre-amps to record his ferocious drumplay. All tracks were recorded analogue by Budy Mokoginta (Mokosound) through a classic Studer mixing board.  There’s something for every producer who likes to cut, paste and chop: off-grid grooves, big-kahuna beats, classic breaks, funky stuff. Get it!

•Drums played by Salle de Jonge
•Contains 154 Breaks (1.4GB Uncompressed)
•Salle endorses and plays REMO drumheads, Zildjian cymbals and Sakae drums exclusively
•Recorded by Budy Mokoginta (Mokosound)
•Mixed and selected by Kool DJ Mace & Optimus.
•Released by Fremdtunes 2017

Rec Mode Vol.2 WAV

Technicolor Hi Fi Sessions WAV, wav samples audio, WAV, Technicolor, Sessions, Hip Hop, Hi Fi, Fantastic

Technicolor Hi-Fi Sessions WAV

FANTASTiC | Oct 14 2017 | 145 MB

“Technicolor HI-FI” was the debut record from composer/multi-instrumentalist/producer; Pat Van Dyke. Originally released on limited edition vinyl – this instrumental collage of jazz and hip hop sold out quickly after being praised by DJs and taste-makers around the globe including Gilles Peterson, Bobbito Garcia, and DJ Spinna. Lush harmonies and memorable melodies played on the Fender Rhodes are complimented by electric bass, analog synthesizers, and electric guitar with a nod back to the classic soul-jazz era of CTI Records. (Bob James, Hubert Laws, George Benson) Now, for the first time since the album’s 2013 release, The Drum Broker is releasing the multi-track stems for your sampling pleasure. Rich chord changes, slick synth lines, driving electric bass, and chunky rhythm guitar are all present in these 10 original compositions from the man behind the PVD Breaks series. Enjoy!

Technicolor Hi-Fi Sessions WAV

Fill Collins WAV, wav samples audio, WAV, Fill, Fantastic, Collins

Fill Collins WAV

FANTASTiC | Oct 14 2017 | 18 MB

100 Drum Fills

This kit focuses on the often overlooked, yet highly important aspect of drum programming – drum fills and breakdowns. With 100 high-quality, unique, and funky drum fills/breakdowns, producers will find this kit incredibly useful to add that final level of polish and detail to their beats. Simply audition the wide variety of sounds and quickly get inspired when programming the drums for your next heater. The best producers have mastered the art of using fills in their beats … just think of Alchemist or DJ Khalil and how they incorporate drum breakdowns and rolls into their production. It is an essential part to creating authentic beats that really stand out. Fill Collins is now levelling the playing field for all producers by eliminating the need to dig through records for hours upon hours to find sounds or to resort to cheesy synth tom drums for your breakdowns.

Kit features:
•100 drum fills/breakdowns
•Each fill precisely chopped at zero crossing for easy drag and drop into your DAW of choice
•No added reverb, compression, or delay… mix each sound to taste
•All fills recorded through MPC 3000 LE – 16 bit .wav, 44.1khz, with no clipping
•Each fill includes approximate BPM for quick BPM mapping to track

Note: Only the drum fill/breakdown sounds in the lo-fi demo track are included in this kit. The drum loops/breaks used are not included and are for demo purposes only.
Ultra Lo-Fi Sampler:

Fill Collins WAV


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