Atlantis WAV MiDi DiSCOVER, wav midi patterns samples audio, WAV, MIDI, DISCOVER, Atlantis

Atlantis WAV MiDi

DiSCOVER | August/12th/2017 | 256 MB

“Atlantis” – A deep collection of Liquid Drum and Bass samples, including calm and captivating chord progressions, waves of flowing melody lines, deep bass lines, crisp cutting drums and a plethora of gorgeous sound effects.  For “Atlantis” we’ve developed a vast range of melodic sounds to dive into, from delicate keys to layered guitar lines and smooth, flowing basses. These 49 musical progressions help capture the desired fluidity of any Liquid Drum and Bass masterpiece. To aid the writing process, these loops, basses and melodies are all confined within two keys for maximum compatibility with one another. Combining these progressive loops with the natural sounding musical one shot samples will allow you to create a soundscape of complexity with a touch of class in minutes.

The 17 carefully crafted drum loops are the foundation of “Atlantis”, with the aim to ensure your productions have a solid groundwork. We have also provided individual stem bounces of these loops to give a customisable option when creating your drums. On top of this, the 11 extra percussive loops included add flare and when placed correctly, will provide lucidity within your rhythm section. All of these loops were constructed using the huge amount of single drum hit samples that come with ‘“Atlantis”, all of which range from soft room kicks, to sparkling hi-hats.

……:::::: Specifications ::::::……
Format: WAVs & MIDIs
• 061 x Crisp Drum Hits (One-Shots) Samples: (15 x Kicks, 15 x Percussions, 16 x Snares, 15 x Tops)
• 017 x Expertly Crafted Drum Loops – (Full Bounces And Stem Bounces)
• 011 x Intricate Extra Percussion Loops
• 025 x Essential SFX
• 020 x Natural Music Single Hits (One-Shots) Samples: (10 x Bass, 10 x Synth Instrument)
• 013 x Deep Bass Loops – (Including: MIDIs Files)
• 010 x Calm Chord Loops – (Including: MIDIs Files)
• 026 x Captivating Melody Loops – (Including: MIDIs Files)
• 217 x Individual (WAVs) Files
• 28 x Individual (MIDIs) Files
• 245 x Files In Total
• Key And Tempo-Labelled
• 44.1kHz 24-Bit High Quality
• Compatible With All DAWs
• PC & Mac Compatible
• Royalty-Free

……:::::: DEMO/PREViEW ::::::……

Atlantis WAV MiDi-DiSCOVER

The Stash Box Drum Kit WAV DiSCOVER, wav samples audio, WAV, Trap, Stash, Rap, Hip Hop, Drum Kit, DISCOVER, Box

The Stash Box Drum Kit WAV

DiSCOVER | August/12th/2017 | 4.55 MB

Young Forever Beats shares some of his secret stash, signature drums and go-to sounds!

……:::::: Specifications ::::::……
Format: WAVs
• 017 x 808s
• 008 x Claps
• 011 x Hi-Hats
• 016 x Kicks
• 021 x Percussions Hits
• 014 x Snares
• 020 x Vox Chants
• 107 x Individual (WAVs) Files In Total
• 44.1kHz 24-Bit High Quality
• Compatible With All DAWs
• PC & Mac Compatible

The Stash Box Drum Kit WAV-DiSCOVER

Resident Evil 4 SFX WAV, wav samples audio, WAV, Sound Effects, SFX, Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil, Resident, FX, Evil, Capcom, Biohazard 4, Biohazard

Resident Evil 4 SFX WAV

P2P | 16.08.2017 | 777 MB

58 Atmospheres 164 Dialogues 76 SFX 136 Voices

Resident Evil 4, known in Japan as Biohazard 4 is a survival horror video game developed and published by Capcom. The sixth major installment in the Resident Evil series, the game was originally released for the GameCube in North America and Japan in January 2005, and in Europe and Australia in March 2005.

Resident Evil 4 SFX WAV

Palace Drum Kit WAV DiSCOVER, wav samples audio, WAV, Trap, Rap, Palace, Hip Hop, Drum Kit, DISCOVER

Palace Drum Kit WAV

DiSCOVER | August/12th/2017 | 16.3 MB

The Palace Kit is the official drum kit created and used by prominent producer, Ghostrage.

……:::::: Specifications ::::::……
Format: WAVs
• 15 x 808s
• 10 x Claps
• 08 x Cymbals & Crashes
• 10 x Hi-Hats
• 05 x Hi-Hats (Open)
• 03 x Kicks
• 10 x Percussions
• 10 x Snares
• 71 x Individual (WAVs) Files In Total
• 44.1kHz 24-Bit High Quality
• Compatible With All DAWs
• PC & Mac Compatible

Palace Drum Kit WAV-DiSCOVER

New Beginning Drum Kit WAV DiSCOVER, wav samples audio, WAV, Trap, Rap, New, Hip Hop, Drum Kit, DISCOVER, Beginning

New Beginning Drum Kit WAV

DiSCOVER | August/12th/2017 | 67 MB

New drumkit, full of custom high quality sounds for any type of music production style.

……:::::: Specifications ::::::……
Format: WAVs
• 007 x 808s
• 011 x Claps
• 017 x Hi-Hats
• 012 x Kicks
• 012 x Percussions
• 014 x Snares
• 004 x Voxs
• 019 x Loops
• 007 x FX
• 103 x Individual (WAVs) Files In Total
• 44.1kHz 24-Bit High Quality
• Compatible With All DAWs
• PC & Mac Compatible

New Beginning Drum Kit WAV-DiSCOVER

Retro Electronic MULTiFORMAT, wav rex2 presets patches samples audio, Techno, Leftfield, House, Fantastic, Electronica, Downbeat, Chillout, 90 140 BPM, 90 Bpm, 140 BPM

Retro Electronic MULTiFORMAT

FANTASTiC | 14 August 2017 | 686 MB

Retro Electronic is an eclectic collection of atmospheric melodies and melancholic tones with a vintage air and analogue punch. It is ideal for use in all forms of electronic music and 100% Royalty-Free. ‘Retro Electronic’ is a truly genre-bending collection of sounds, recorded in studios all around the world. Featuring 780 MB of loops, one-shots, sampler patches and REX2 files taken from vintage equipment and captured in 24-Bit Quality. A world of synths and keys kick things off, with rich arps, lush chords and classic sounds from rhodes, prophet and pianos. Warm basslines bubble gently below the analogue goodness, with drums and percussion providing a tough rhythmic backdrop to the textured melodies.

Over 40 individual drum hits and 23 FX hits are included, with 10 multi-sampled instruments to showcase the synths as they were originally intended. At tempos from 90-140 BPM, ‘Tropics: Retro Electronic’ is ideal for Electronica, Chillout, Downbeat & Leftfield, as well as House, Techno and more upbeat genres. All melodic content is key labelled for instant integration into your projects.

• 24-Bit/44.1kHz Quality
• 52 Music Loops
• 44 Top & Perc Loops
• 35 Bass Loops
• 28 Full Drum Loops
• 7 Drum Part Loops
• 48 Drum Hits
• 23 FX
• 5 Bass Multis
• 5 Synth Multis
• 167 REX2 Files
• 22 Soft Sampler Patches

Retro Electronic MULTiFORMAT

Emotional Piano Themes Vol.6 WAV MiDi, wav midi patterns samples audio, Westworld, Warcraft, Lord Of The Rings, La La Land, Interstellar, Hip Hop, Harry Potter, Game Of Thrones, Film Production, Dubstep, Chill Out, Ambient, 75 180 BPM, 75 BPM, 180 BPM

Emotional Piano Themes Vol.6 WAV MiDi

FANTASTiC | 14 August 2017 | 1.02 GB

An amazing collection of Cinematic samples inspired by hypnotic music from such TV shows and movies like Westworld, Game Of Thrones, Warcraft, La La Land, Interstellar, Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter and a lot more! Here you will find 20 complete tracks, midi and wav stems which are 100% royalty free to use for TV or movie production, commercials, adverts, Youtube, music production and a lot more without paying any royalty to someone else. In detail expect to find 1.53 Gb of wav and midi at 75 – 180 bpm at Am C, Cm, D, Dm, D#, EmF, F#m, Gm, G, G#, G#m – 20 Songs (41 Wav + 42 Midi + 20 Full Mix) Also Emotional Piano Themes Vol. 6 is a great tool for every producer who wants to add some emotions to their tracks, and fits perfectly for Film Production, Ambient, Chill Out, Hip Hop, Dubstep and a lot more!

Inspired by many classic composers such as Peter Ilich Chajkovskij, Sergej Rahmaninov, Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Theophilus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Peter Schubert, Mihail Glinka, Frédéric Chopin and modern composers like Ramin Djawadi, Hans Zimmer, Klaus Badelt, John Williams, Max Richter and more!

•1.53 Gb
•75 – 180 bpm
•Keys: Am C, Cm, D, Dm, D#, EmF, F#m, Gm, G, G#, G#m – 20 Songs
•41 Wav
•42 Midi
•20 Full Mix

Emotional Piano Themes Vol.6 WAV MiDi

Hip Hop Chilla MULTiFORMAT, wav rex2 presets patches midi patterns nn xt kontakt exs24 battery samples audio, MULTiFORMAT, Hip Hop, Fantastic, Chilla, 80 Bpm

Hip Hop Chilla MULTiFORMAT

FANTASTiC | 14 August 2017 | 838 MB

Hip Hop Chilla’ is an authentic fusion of Classic Hip Hop with modern influences, flavored with some sampled Chill Out and Ambient elements. In detail, expect to find 960 MB of samples including 85 Music Loops, 140 One-Shots, 40 Atmo Loops, 50 Bass Loops, 50 Drum Loops, 70 FX, 75 MIDI Files, 185 REX2 Files & 42 Sampler Patches. All samples have been created and processed by HQ studio equipment like AKAI PRO MPC Renaissance, Roland TR 909, Technics 1210, Manley passive EQ, Avalon VT747, UAD-2 plugins, Virus TI2, Moog Voyager, Korg MS20, and more.  All the drum hits, synths and loops have been lovingly processed to be as punchy and warm as possible so all you need to do is drop them in and watch them go!

• 24-Bit Quality
• 44100 Hz
• 960 MB
• 80 BPM
• 85 Music Loops
• 140 One-Shots
• 10 Bass Cuts
• 20 Hi-Hats
• 30 Kicks
• 20 Music Cuts
• 20 Perc
• 10 Rides/Crashes
• 30 Snares
• 40 Atmo Loops
• 50 Bass Loops
• 50 Drum Loops
• 70 FX
• 75 MIDI Files
• 185 REX2 Files
• 42 Sampler Patches for Battery, EXS24, Kontakt2+ & NN-XT

Hip Hop Chilla MULTiFORMAT

TM88 Nightmare Vol.3 MULTiFORMAT, wav presets patches midi patterns h2p flp fl studio samples audio, WAV, TM88, P2P, Nightmare

TM88 Nightmare Vol.3 MULTiFORMAT

P2P | August 15 2017 | 124 MB

NMV3 – this drum kit has everything you need with new custom made sounds & expansion packs that will change your beat making production. This drum kit is inspired by TM88, TM88 Nightmare V1 + TM88 Nightmare V2 = TM88 Nightmare V3.

1. Drum Kit / Wavs
– 808s – 21
– Kicks – 10
– Claps -20
– Snares -18
– Hi Hats -15
– Crash – 5
– Tags – 9
– Open Hats – 6
– Vox – 40 (Contains The Same Vox as the last version)
these wavs files are 32bit & Professionally Mixed

2. Expansion / VST
– Gross Beat / 3 Expansion / 145 Presets
– Gladiator / 95 Presets
– Hive / 4 Presets

3. Projects / FLP
– 8 FLPS

– MIDI Hi Hats / 13
– MIDI Melody / 15
– MIDI 808 & Kicks / 10
– MIDI Clap & Snare/ 8
– MIDI Open Hat & Crash/ 4

TM88 Nightmare Vol.3 WAV

New York Deep Tech WAV, wav samples audio, York, WAV, Tech, New York, New, Minimal, House, Deep Tech, Deep, 124 BPM

New York Deep Tech WAV

FANTASTiC | 14 August 2017 | 259 MB

New York Deep Tech taking you deep into New York’s underground House scene with their newest collection of pounding beats, brooding analogue synths and throbbing basslines. ‘New York Deep Tech’ is the definitive sound of Output, Cielo and House of Yes giving you that after-hours sound direct from America’s number one city. Sub-heavy drum loops, groove-gritty workouts, organic percussion and subbed out bass-lines with nods to classic House, Minimal and Deep Tech. Plenty of one-shots including original kicks, hi-hats, snares, claps and percussion are included, so drop them into your sampler of choice and get creative. Also a vast array of shuffling synths, Dub style tech stabs, quirky chords and moody pads come as standard in this amazing collection of sounds. Created using analogue and digital studio equipment from all the leading brands used in today’s professional studios by an in-house production team.

Please Note:
– All loops are recorded at 124 BPM and key labelled where applicable. All files presented as 24-Bit WAVs. 100% Royalty-Free loops and samples.

• 24-Bit Quality
• 376 MB
• 20 Bass Loops
• 20 Full Drum Loops
• 20 Hi-Hat Loops
• 20 Kick Loops
• 20 Synth Loops
• 20 Clap Loops
• 10 FX Loops
• 20 Percussion Loops
• 20 Music Loops
• 20 Top Loops
• 60 Single Drum Hits
• 190 Loops in Total
• Individually Keyed

New York Deep Tech WAV


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